About Leo

Welcome to my Health and Wellbeing website. I am here to help achieve better health for you, your family, or friends through post and links to current issues in medical research, nutrition, and exercise.

Blessings, Leo


Around the age of 13 I had made up my mind to pursue chemistry, medical research, or horticulture. Chemistry won since the universities that offered the other programs were too far away and my father was advancing in years.

It was in college doing some research that could be used in pharmaceuticals and as a coop student for a fertilizer company that I realized my real passion was helping others. Upon graduation, I started teaching chemistry.

Several events in my life guided me in the direction of giving to others. Some of these events will be mentioned in future post.

A Short Story Why I Enjoy Giving to Others

At an early age my mother, who was from a farming family, taught me how to garden. In the ninth grade I started a nursery which was not very profitable since I gave many plants to neighbors. It was in my studies about plants that I found the important role that many plants played in natural medical history. This knowledge was later shared this with my students

One former student recently told me,

“The content you taught us in Chemistry was important but what I really liked was how you taught us that we, the plants, and animals are made of the same elements put together in unique ways. You emphasized that the one that created all knew of every illness that would be and created a natural cure for each. You said as people we are all responsible for the wellbeing of our planet and it is our duty to protect everything in our environment”

My mother was diagnosed with cancer in her 70’s and was blessed with no major side effects until she was 89. She lived to 91. She refused any treatment due to her fear of chemotherapy. Because of her I began my search for natural cures and ways of helping cancer patients and others to have a better life.

Health and Wellbeing is not just about cures but also about nutrition and exercise. It is my way of giving to all of you in her honor. I will be providing you with post on recent medical research, natural nutrition for better health, exercise to stay fit, and hopefully interviews with some scientist involved in the research.

Things Are Getting Better

For centuries holistic medicine was practiced throughout all civilizations. Since the advent of ‘Modern Medicine’ and pharmaceutical companies becoming the source for ALL cures, natural medicines became a distant memory.

Diets changed from home cooked meals to packaged meals made to ‘taste good’. Good nutrition now comes from a bottle of vitamins instead of being a supplement to well-planned meals.

Exercise activities decreased due to many factors including ‘not enough time to exercise’.

The Tide Is Changing

Medicine: There are now many companies looking at the natural world for cures for many illnesses. A cure for many types of cancer is now in the human trials and showing great promise.

A researcher in Canada (a former student of mine) has found the root cause of Progeria and is in animal trials in an attempt to reduce the effect on children

Nutrition: Plants with tremendous nutritional values are becoming available.

Exercise: The internet is providing us with exercise routines that are not time-consuming or overly strenuous, and can be adapted to our current needs.

The Choice Is Yours

A desire for a better, healthier, and productive life is a matter of choice.

I live by several mottos:

“NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP.” – Winston Churchill

You may work hard and not achieve your goals but at least you will get closer to them by not giving up. I guarantee that you will not get close to your goals if you give up.

“There is no such thing as TRYING” – Leo

Place an object on the table in front of you then TRY to pick it up.

Is it still on the table? If so, you did not even attempt to pick it up.

Is it in your hand? If so, you did not try, you picked it up.

There is no such thing as trying. You either do it or you don’t.