QBiotics – Natural Cancer Cure

As a young child my mother, who was reared on a farm, taught me how to grow plants, raise and care for animals, and the importance of protecting our earth. By the ninth grade I had started a nursery. She encouraged me to use the library to learn more about the plants I was growing. It was in my studies about plants that I found the important role that many plants played in natural medical history.

This knowledge was shared with my chemistry students. All people, plants, and animals are made of the same elements put together in unique ways and the one who created all knew of every illness that would be and created a natural cure for each.

Natural medicine was practiced throughout all civilizations. Now ‘Modern Medicine’ and pharmaceuticals have become the source for ALL cures. Natural medicines became a distant memory.

A New Day Is Dawning In Research

There are many new companies and University scientist that are researching potential natural cures.

  • QBiotics is setting the pace for natural cures and treatments for improving human and animal health.
  • Dr. Patrick Burgon (a former Australian exchange student of mine) at the Ottawa Heart Institute is doing ground breaking research in heart health.

In this post I will be discussing QBiotic’s research on tigilanol tiglate (EBC-46), a revolutionary natural cure for many types of cancer.

QBiotics – An Australian Life Sciences Research Company

QBiotics was founded in 2004 by Dr. Victoria Gordon and Dr. Paul Reddell. The founders felt that Mother Nature had the secrets for improving human and animal health and wellbeing. Their programs focus on the many compounds that can be found in the rainforest of Australia. Product focus is on the medical needs of humans and pets. Currently they are concentrating on cancer and chronic wound treatments.


Clinical Animal Cancer Trials – Stage 4 Success

QBiotics spent many years of laboratory research isolating and testing potential anti-cancer compounds found in the fruit of the Blush Berry tree. Their interest was sparked from results in the laboratory test of the compound tigilanol tiglate (EBC-46).

After securing the approval for animal trials they began securing test animals. Dogs that had mast cell tumors (MCT) and soft tissue sarcomas (STS) were the subjects needed.

A major difference in their test subjects was that instead of purchasing test animals that were produced to have tumors, they enlisted veterinarians in their search for pets that were going to be euphonized due to advanced stage cancer. With the pet owners’ blessings the trials began.

Which would you or your pet prefer








                        A Neddle                                                                                  Invasive Surgery


Dead In 48 Hours – Recovery In A Few Weeks

Their technique used injection of EBC-46 directly into the tumor with NO invasive surgery. Within minutes after the injection the tumors started turning purplish-black. This quick response to EBC-46 was an unexpected result. After a few days the tumor was destroyed and over the next several weeks the dead cancer cells were removed from the ‘pets’ naturally. Side effects to the treatment were insignificant, especially when compared to the results. The cure rate using EBC-46 was an astounding 75%.

The following is a statement from QBiotics that I appreciate and companies that use animal testing should utilize:

We pay particular attention to the quality of life of animals participating in our studies. In addition, we extend our consideration for research animals beyond finalization of our research studies and implement retirement and rehabilitation processes in such a manner that the remainder of their life is maintained under the highest possible standards of both physical and psychological welfare.

NOTE: The United States trials have been completed with 123 dogs in the trial. The test results in the US also had a 75% success rate. Shortly, the application for registering EBC-46 will be submitted to the FDA for approval as a veterinarian pharmaceutical.

What Next – Human Clinical Trials Began

Many times in research the human trials do not end with the same results. Was this to be the case with the natural cure compound tigilanol tiglate collected from the Blush Berry tree?

Cancer patient volunteers were recruited from four Australian hospitals. The clinical trials began with 22 patients within skin and subcutis solid tumors. Cancers treated included melanoma, basil cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, breast adenocarcinoma, lymphangiosarcoma, and angiosarcoma.

Death of the cancer cells began shortly after the injection and complete destruction and dead cell removal followed within a 28 days in moist cases. Again, as in the animal trials side effects were minimal. They included injection site swelling and associated pain.

QBiotics is in the process to determine if EBC-46 can be used in the treatment of internally located solid tumors. They soon will be proceeding with the next phase, safety trials.

Rainforest Destroyed – But Not In Australia

QBiotics has always realized the importance of protecting the biodiversity of the rainforest. In their collection of tigilanol tiglate (EBC-46) and other compounds they collect the minimal number of specimens for research.

No further collection of Blush Berry fruit is necessary. They have established Blush Berry tree farms to assure a continual supply of the fruit. This eliminates future harvesting of the fruit in the rainforest.

Advantages Of EBC-46 – No Invasive Surgery

  • Treats advanced tumors
  • Does not require local or general anesthesia
  • Single injection into tumor
  • Can be administered in doctor’s office
  • Tumor destroyed in about a week
  • Good wound healing generally in approximately one month
  • Dead cancer cells removed naturally
  • Good cosmetic outcomes with minimal or no scaring
  • Minor side effects, if any
  • Peace of mind for patient, family, and friends
  • No invasive surgery
  • No hospital stays
  • No chemotherapy or radiation treatments needed
  • Lower cost


QBiotics is truly an eco-friendly company with the highest regards for the environment and compassion for its test subjects. To find out more about QBiotics and keep up with their research go to their website: https://qbiotics.com

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